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(C) Fox Valley Pet Sitting Maggie Says Sue's the BEST!- Looking for caring and reliable dog walking services? 
- Do you need someone to  care for your new puppy, feed the cat, or just play frisbee with your pets while you are at work?
- We offer Monday thru Friday dog walking services and potty break services in Batavia.
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 Serving clients since 2003.

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Professional, Responsible, and Caring pet care in your home while you are at work.  Dog walking and potty breaks are the easiest ways to make sure your best friend is safe, healthy and happy while you're away. Feel free to call us with any dog walking  questions you may have.  

Want fast answers call or click here!Monday thru Friday dog walking, potty breaks in Batavia, IL  60510

- Pet owners with long or unusual working hours
- Those with illnesses or injuries that impede them from caring for their pets themselves
- Clients requiring mid-day breaks are perfect for the puppy being house trained or dogs that are crated or confined to the house all day while you are at work.
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When you book our services, we will meet with you and your pets, complete our contract, and pick up keys to your home.  The initial visit is free and occurs a week before our services begin.  See what having Fox Valley Pet Sitting care for your pets while you are at work can mean for you and your pets! Click here to have us contact you regarding our services.

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